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Super Easy Strobing Tutorial

Catch ya contouring, it's time to say hey to highlighting!
Are you a bronzed babe or do you prefer to shimmer like a dewy rose? Use our new Strobing kit and mix up the shades to achieve your ultimate glow!

Here are the simple steps on how to strobe. For more info check out our vid below!

TIP: Use the top row of shades for a rosy glow, and the bottom row for a bronzed look.

STEP 1: Apply the cream highlighter where skin naturally catches light like up your cheekbones to your temples, under your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, down your cupids bow and on the tip of your chin.

STEP 2: Dust the highlighting shimmer over the top of where you've applied the cream highlighter to set your glow and shine brighter!

STEP 3: Add a swoosh of blush or bronzer along your cheekbones and under your highlight to make your glow pop! If you want a stronger contour, use a smaller brush for more defined cheeks.

Girl, you're ready to light up the night!

New strobing Kin $14.95

Watch the strobing kit in action below

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