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Q & A with Elyse Knowles

Q&A With Elyse Knowles About Her New Signature Essentials Range

signature essentials collection

What do you love most about your Limited Edition ulta3 Signature Essentials collection?
Modelling has taken me across the world but I’m always in awe of the beauty in our own backyard. From Australia’s vivid natural landscapes to our happy, carefree attitude. I really love that the collection captures this unique colour palette and fun approach to beauty. The products look gorgeous as well, I love the rose gold packaging with the blue accents – it has a really luxurious feel.

There are so many must-have products in this collection but if you had to pick, what is your favourite product?
I must admit with this collection it’s hard to choose! One product that really stands out is the Liquid Eyeliner, the first time I swatched it I was blown away by the intensity of the colour! It’s also super easy to apply because the applicator has a fine, flexible tip but best of all, it lasts really well!

Do you have a signature beauty look?
I always gravitate towards bronzed skin, golden shades on the eyes and a nude lip – you really can’t go wrong. The bronzer in this collection is something I grab almost every day, it adds such a beautiful warmth for naturally sunkissed skin. I recently learnt a new beauty hack where you swipe some bronzer onto your eyelids to illuminate your eyes and it looks gorgeous.

What about your go-to fashion style?
I dress for comfort so my go-to style is something laid-back but also chic. I like to throw on a pair of comfy jeans and a cool tee then dress it up with a stylish pair of heels, a statement bag and some sunnies.

Name a place, thing and beauty product that you cannot live without?
The beach, my fur baby Isla and a moisturising lip product. Being on shoots all the time can really dry out your lips so I often reach for the Lip Glow in this collection. It combines the shine of a gloss with the hydration of a balm whilst adding a beautiful colour to my lips.

We’ve always wanted to know, what is the secret to your beautiful skin and signature glow?
Eating healthy and working out regularly helps me maintain my complexion, but a creamy highlighter is a must-have for glowing skin. I really like the Enlightened Highlighter in this collection for a blendable and natural looking highlight that comes in an easy to use crayon.

Do you have a beauty and style icon that you look to for inspiration?
I would have to say my mum… she always reminds me that beauty starts from within.

Do you have any tips for always looking gorgeous?
Well, I don’t know about always looking gorgeous!!! But as far as tips go… I try to drink a lot of water, I always aim to get a good night’s sleep and I am a big believer that a smile and positive attitude are the perfect accessories.

signature essentials collection

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