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Oh So Simple Tanning: Prep, Build, Blend, Maintain

Oh So Tan Elyse Knowles Behind The Scene

Staying deliciously tanned shouldn’t be a chore! Our Oh So Tan Collection was designed to make your tanning routine oh so simple. Make sure your skin has got it glowing on all summer long with these 4 easy steps! 


Oh So Sweet Sugar Scrub

Nobody wants a streaky tan. The key to building a flawless, bronzed base comes down to good prep! Exfoliate your bod in the shower before applying tan with our Oh So Sweet Sugar Scrub. It’s made with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oils & Coconut to scrub away flaky skin & leave you smelling delish at the same time! 

TIP: Exfoliate before shaving for a closer shave and extra smooth skin!


Oh So Tan Dry Oil

 So your skin is feeling silky smooth, now it’s time to get golden! Spray our Oh So Tan Self-Tanning Dry Oil with its super convenient non-slip squeeze trigger into your mitt or directly onto your skin. The colour will develop over 2-3 hours and with its delish caramel scent there’s no need to wash it off before heading out! Just make sure you let it dry first before throwing on your getup for the day.


Oh So Soft Blending Mitt w Tan

We’re now in no-streak territory! Our Oh So Soft Blending Mitt won’t only make sure your tan is streak-free but it’ll ban those ‘tan-hands’ forever! Its thumb hole will also make sure the glove won’t slip around for easy blending. Once you’ve blended yourself bronze, give the mitt a rinse in warm water and let it dry before your next tanning sesh.


Oh So Tan Gradual Tanner

Keep those tanned pins patch-free by keeping your skin soft and moisturised. Our Oh So Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion will maintain your golden glow in between Dry Oil top ups and keep your skin hydrated at the same time. Use it after showering and step out of the bathroom with a yummy mai tai scent. The more you use it the deeper the tan!

Glow on & get tanning!

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